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Sterling Silver Clutch is the new sexy!

Silver accessory is the new statement maker. The malleable property of this semi-precious metal, makes the silver jewellery most versatile. Do you know why we never get a silver item that is 100% silver? Here is the answer to it. 7.5% copper is added to the 92.5% silver to make the item rigid and intact. Copper is added to give strength to the product and hence the key ingredient.

Silver rings, anklets, wide cuffs, septums, statement neckpieces etc. has been in fashion always. So here is how we are reintroducing you to the world of silver- A sterling silver clutch.

Do you know how the clutch or to be precise silver clutch comes from?

Let me take you to its history. The idea of clutch dates back to 1920s when the World War I got over and women were no longer wearing corsets and delicate frills of Victorian age. They preferred sleek and sharp look. Clutch bag originated from the idea of small pochettes. They became quite popular in the early 1930s and it was quite flattering to the shape of their body as the silhouette was more streamlined and closer to the body. During that time the silver clutch was seen only in the hand of rich and famous. Nowadays, clutch has become a wardrobe essential for all the party events and is no longer out of reach.

Why to buy a silver clutch?

Cara, sweetie, candy, Chandra etc. we have seen almost all the statement pieces of Jimmy choo at the Indian wedding. Ferragamo, Louis Vuitton, Bottega, Valentino has become a status symbol than a fashion product. We at Merry Käufer make our clients stand out and make every penny spent valuable. On an average the silver clutch costs about 20k in which you get minimum 200 gms of silver. It is not only valuable in terms of its intrinsic value but is also an item that would become the talk of the party.

Types of silver clutches

It comes in various designs. Our favourite one is the woven pattern. You also get various motifs carved on it. Also you can pick up a fusion clutch that’s plain with some meenakari flowers placed artistically. Guess what? You can actually make it more personalised by carving your name on it.

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