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Brocade Pants


The silk based fabric with or without golden thread has its roots in the Renaissance era that dates back to 15th century. People in possession of abundant influence, control and power were seen in voluminous drapes of brocades. With passage of time, comfort became more important than fashion thereby bringing the cloth closer to the body. It was initially limited to haute couture or editorials, but due to its increasing use by designers it became a part of mainstream fashion In the effort to appease western taste Fall/winter 2016 has come up with brocade as the trend and this spacious brocade has been modified to give a street look in the form of pants

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The essential white blazer when paired with any color of brocade, can become your one of the most confident wardrobe pair.

Every girl has a white cotton/georgette shirt that is one go-to wardrobe essential. If you do not own one then too it's okay. You can still invest in a good shirt and pair it up with almost everything. Brocade pants can never go wrong with it.

All you need is a plain turtle neck sweater to complete your look with the pants.

Simple yet chic. A georgette long blouse of color complementing the brocade can be brought together to finish the look.

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Did you notice how easily brocade pants were paired with just the essential elements of your wardrobe. It looks difficult to look pretty but with our style team support, we can help you make look in almost everything.

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