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Posted on January 08, 2018

How to wear the Colour of the Year 2018- Ultra Violet

The Pantone colour of the year 2018 is out! It's ULTRA VIOLET. More wearable than the previous year's 'Greenery'.

Violet combines the calmness of the blue color and the energy of the red. Through the ages, this color family has always been associated with royalty, nobility and prestige. It symbolizes mystery, magic, power and luxury.

It is not easy to style the color without letting it steal the limelight. Here are a few tips to adopt the color in the way you like.

Ultra Violet in Velvet & Satin

If you love to experiment with colours, fabrics like velvet and satin present the perfect base for making the ultimate sartorial statement with the color. This combination of color and fabric is best flaunted at night outs, office parties or to a fashion forward event.

Ultra Violet with the basics

For those who wish to start small, pair up your blacks, greys and whites with the color and reduce your chances of making a fashion faux pas. Pick a maximum of 3 shades of color just like the one shown in the reference image above.

Colour Block with Violet

This one’s for all the fashion freaks out there! Time to experiment with the new trend in the fashion world. Style the color of the year with shades of melon, red, green and even blue. You can curate a look by pairing different shades of the violet family with both pastel and dark tones of a colour. For example, if you are pairing Ultra Violet with Blue, you can either pick a brighter electric blue or a pastel blue. Refer to the images (below) for a better understanding.

Accessories of Ultra violet

By far the easiest way to wear ultra violet has to be by using it sparingly as an accent – think vibrant socks, a coordinating crossbody or jewel-toned talons.

Learn More

Ask your Personal Stylist to help you introduce Ultra Violet in your wardrobe, customised according to your bodytype, preferences and budget. All you have to do is tell us who you are! Visit www.merrykaufer.com and sign up to get styled!

Still confused? Consult Our Stylists

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