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Posted on December 19, 2017

Winter Shopping | Where to Invest & Where to Splurge?

Delhi winter has arrived and so has our desperate urge to shop! Read on to find out how to strategically conduct your shopping. Because we just cannot bear regretful shopping!

Where to Invest-

Clothing article that's timeless, pairs up with almost anything and everything and a must have in your closet. (Details in the article below)

Where to Splurge-

Clothing article that’s unique and will lift up your style quotient. (Details in the article below)

1. LOOK 1

INVEST- Hazelnut Blazer/Overcoat. A well-fitting blazer is a must have for your closet which is why we want you to invest your hard earned money in something that is versatile, chic, and (most importantly) timeless. Make sure you give attention to the details like the buttons and the fabric because this piece of clothing can be paired up with almost everything in your closet. Hence, it ought to be just perfect to elevate all your looks.

SPLURGE-Embroidered Mesh Top. The intricate details and the sexy mesh will definitely take over your heart. Be it a December party or a casual day out with your loved one, rock this top under your blazer and let everyone go gaga on your look!

2. LOOK 2

INVEST- Long Woolen Shrug. Styling your summer clothes in winter becomes way easier if you own a long knitted shrug that helps in giving you the required warmth. Not only that, it also adds easy elegance to any look. This length of the article looks way too good when worn with knee high socks or boots!

SPLURGE- Leather Skirt. Who doesn't like being called a rockstar! Here's how a leather skirt will turn you into one unlike that guitar you bought in your teenage (pun intended)! If not, it will definitely enhance your sex appeal. This piece of clothing is great when worn to a party with shimmer or copper!

3. LOOK 3

INVEST- Turtlenecks. You will be stunned to find out the number of ways of how a turtle neck can be styled and looks awesome everytime! Befriend a turtleneck this season and be winter-ready!

SPLURGE- Printed Velvet Pants. One of the trending pieces in the fashion world-velvet is surely a thing to splurge on but not on the basic ones, try out the printed variants. Pair it up with only the basic pullovers or blazers and let the vibrant fabric of your pants do its work!

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