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Posted on July 05, 2017

Cool Cottons

When it comes to monsoons, we all tend to prioritize comfort and neglect fashion trends. What if we curate an outfit that's high on comfort and super high on style? Here's an outfit best suited for the current weather condition.

Wearing the right color and fabric is the most important key to look stylish this season. Blue is always a good option, and it means you can have fun not only during the rain but even on a hot humid day.
Although the sun isn’t there but the heat and the humidity are killers. You need something that’s breathable and comfortable. Opt for cotton shirts and tees. Nylon is another favorable fabric known for its low absorbency rate. Poly-cotton, a combination of polyester and cotton is a good fabric this season as it gets less wrinkled.
Style Tip: Rule the printed world. Do not hesitate in trying the prints on.

Outfit Details

Cotton Dress: Ruh

Ballerina flats: Carlton London

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