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Fabric: Velvet

Men’s velvet is a new gentlemen trend. The fashion forward men would like to keep a parity between chic and classy. This luxuriously smooth, soft to touch and well equipped with sheen fabric helps to achieve the harmony between the two. The image that velvet portrays is of refinement and elegance. But you have to be very correct while styling this opulent fabric. If done wrong, it might drop the glasses off the people’s eye rather than the eyes.


Velvet- a structure of fabric and not a fiber like wool or cotton, is mostly associated with European nobility but pieces of velvet have been found in China dating back to several old dynasties. As the process of making velvet was time consuming and tedious, it was meant for rich and opulent in the golden days.

Italy, from 12th to 18th century, became the largest producer of velvet supplying to other European countries mainly for furniture, upholstery, clothing and even wallpaper. With its growing demand and popularity, velvet became synonymous with 1920s fashion.

Velvet looks rich and feels warm. Today, velvet is no more for leggings and skirts. It has evolved beyond that and one can find velvet pant suit, blazers, cocktail gowns, jumpsuits, wrap dresses and even sensuous crop tops that will up your style quotient.


Velvet Blazer- Street style

Choose a dark hue to keep a check of the mishap. From party to street, a velvet blazer plays well. Pair it up with staple denim and a light tone button down shirt and you can never go wrong.

Velvet Blazer- Formal

Again a dark hue of blue, maroon, green, Byzantium purple and the classic black is the safe and trendy option. Be sure about the fit- it should not fall as a snug nor it should be skimpy.

Velvet Pants

If you want to be experimental, pick up a velvet trouser. Be sure it’s a skin fit rather than a straight fit. Pair it up with a rolled up sweater and patent leather shoes. Again the classic color option is black. It will not let you have the look of your cotton trouser because of its sheen.

Velvet Suit

Biggest Fall/wear 2016-17 men’s trend is the velvet suit. A plain white dress shirt with a tie or bow tie looks dapper. Your shoes should not be that of velvet as you would like to distinguish between your trouser leg and shoe.

Velvet Bow Tie

Men’s accessories generally steals the show. So if its in velvet, it will capture a lot of sight. It will not only go with velvet suit but mostly any dapper suit. But ofcourse it’s a winter jewel.

Velvet pocket square

If you don’t want to step into velvet from top to bottom, add a velvet pocket square to amp up your style quotient.

Velvet Shoes

Velvet shoes were up on the runways of luxury brands like Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana, Versace, etc. A plain black suit with velvet shoes will not let a passerby without noticing. But the drawback with them is you cannot wear it in summer.

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Rush to Zara stores and try out everything velvet!

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