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Posted on December 23, 2017

December Parties | Party Outfits for Men

The Party Season is well upon us which means that from now on until the second weekend of the new year we have millions of parties to go to. Some would be throwing a slumber party while some have a sophisticated taste that demands more from us (style-wise).

To give you an idea on how to rock each party that challenges your styling skills, here are some trending styles you can opt according on your taste.

1. Statement Blazers

Blazers are the epitome of party wear clothing. And a velvet one in a rich jewel tone is totally badass! Knock down the formal touch of blazers with a paisley or floral print shirt. Pair it up with your favourite black denims and a pair of semi formal shoes with ultra cool details.

Velvet is not everybody’s game! If you are not sure about the fabric and its shine, we recommend you to tone down by opting a basic fabric but a beautiful color and yet make a style statement! Purple works wonders when worn to evening parties. Throw on a light grey or white tee under your blazer and keep it simple. Do justice to the color by adding a streak of mustard to the look, with a cable muffler under your blazer and just letting it peep out a little along the lapels. Complete the look with your tan brogues and your tapered black trousers.

2. Turtle Necks

Turtle Necks are the most underrated pieces of clothing! Only a few have realized how useful they can be. You can sport them to any occasion and the way you like! They can be worn under your blazers, overcoats, printed shirts, cardigans, bomber or even denim jackets. It’s a piece to invest your money in. So, you need not think any further and just wear this article to the party next door. Pair it up with smart shoes and chinos with any of the above mentioned outerwear.

3. Athleisure to Party

Why not! Your striped athleisure trousers are well qualified to be a part of this party season! Pair them up with a checkered woolen blazer and gucci slip ons for that perfect party ready look! Make sure the stripe on your trousers match well with the colors on your blazer and also the shirt you pick.
Also, it’s important to understand the probable ambience of the party you are going to attend. Be this adventurous only if you are sure that the attendees of the party are equally fashion savvy!

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