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Posted on September 13, 2017

Breaking the stereotype

Androgyny has always revolved around the myth of women adapting menswear and that’s what the past trend has always brought in the limelight, however now the tables are turning with the designers blurring the lines between the genders.

For years runways have shown women stealing their boyfriend’s shirts, jumpers and most recently ripped jeans deriving the concept of“boy friend jeans”, the designers have turned the coin with the emergence of “the girl friend look”

Two of India’s leading designers, sent male models down the runway dressed in lehenga skirts and anarkali suits recently. Rohit Bal, the maverick of fashion dressed his men in ankle length mulmul skirts and tapered lehengas for his couture line in India Bridal week! As the society grows, fashion grows. It’s time for us to break the stereotype!

Until now, men have considered the idea of wearing something other than pants or long shorts in public to be nothing less than a sacrilege against humanity although throughout history men wearing skirted garment was all too common. After all pants were not widely used by the society more than three hundred years ago. Taking inspiration from the history, we have curated a look to gender neutral the ethnic wear!

We have styled the Indian Band Gala Jacket with the silk saree which is the most essential part of Indian weddings, draping it as a skirt! Completed the look by adding ‘Kajal’ to the male makeup. It is turning out to be a new fashion statement for Men.

Style Tip- You have to be very careful with the footwear you choose for this look. You can even experiment with a matt finish formal shoe. Just give it a try!

Outfit Details

Jacket- Studio by Janak(SBJ)

Saree- Frontier Raas (South Ex)

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