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Posted on March 16, 2017

Almost anything goes for the boys when they hit the streets! Blacks are still strong by doing stripe on stripe with bright colours. This year wear the colour green for a fresh and trendy look!! Forest green and olive green are going to be in trend. Here we are telling you how to rock the colour in unique ways..


Choose a dark green suit and a cream gingham oxford shirt for a sharp, fashionable look. Why not introduce brown leather oxford shoes to the mix for an added touch of style?

The color and pattern does matter this season! Just get the fit right and everything else will fall into place.

The dark green color is super bold but pretty classy too. You don’t really see these on the streets but to be honest they look too trendy!

This SS HOMME Forest Green Suit makes a clean get-up . This is the perfect look you can carry from desk to a party!


Of course you can always keep it clean and go for white and neutrals for accesories and upper half when adding a green color to the Chinos!

Reserve these pair of chinos for a relaxed setting and informal occasions. Let the color of the season pop out and let your Semi- formal style inspire other people to be different !

Start the spring season with some bold choices and give the Green chinos a chance to woo the girls!!

Green color for a T-shirt or Polo neck is a great idea to make a statement on a springy day out!

Go for a green T-shirt, printed shorts and white sneakers on a relaxed sunday morning!


Can't pull off a bold green statement piece? That's okay, you can still start small and pull off the trend with ease! Start with a Green color Tie or a pair of Shoes!

Why should Black have all the fun? Green Shoe is a little Bold and relaxed but with the right outfit it can transform into something fierce.

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